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How We Can Help You Through Life's Challenges

Life has many challenges that are ours to experience. Many of them are very painful, life-changing, emotionally draining or just plain uncomfortable. Although when you are experiencing them it might feel like everything's going terribly wrong and possibly even feel like that's it, it's all over for me, but that's not the case. Experiences such as losing a loved one are all a natural part of life and are there to test us, challenge us and allow us to grow in a multitude of ways.
The correct understanding and approach to your experience is essential to firstly help you come to terms with the loss or pain and secondly, help you to put it in it's place and grow from it as you move on from it. This is possible, essential and can and will happen.
Below is a little more about the more common situations that everyone at some point will experience and how natural therapy, healing, counselling and acceptance will help you understand.


Losing a loved one, close friend or companion is a painful and often distressing event. Probably more than any other experience, bereavement and the loss of someone close is the one thing that makes you stop, look at your own life and very often make major changes. It can often be doubly painful in that the person you cared for (and who cared for you) is gone, forever. Plus, it can easily make you aware of your own mortality and that of everyone else. It is a major challenge in life.
How We Can Help: Our approach to coping with the bereavement process can provide comfort, understanding and acceptance of this emotionally testing but natural process.


Stress is one of the 'hidden conditions' in modern-day life. To the outside a person can appear happy, confident and problem-free. Underneath the surface however things can be very different. Many people today are under stress and are anxious for a wide variety of reasons including work, money worries, relationship issues, children and many 'everyday' situations. If left unchecked stress and anxiety can often build into physical conditions which can easily change your life.
How We Can Help: Using a combination of therapeutic approaches we can help you return back to a calm and relaxed state gently and easily.


There are many many reasons why we can experience emotional pain and we probably all will at some point in our lives. At the time it can feel like your world is ending, you can't think, you hurt all day long and worse, there's nowhere you can go to escape from it.
How We Can Help: Through the use of counselling, EFT, healing and Reiki we can help you ease your emotional pain and put your life back on track. We can help you heal naturally and allow your mind and spirit to recover.


Relationship issues are one of the most common types of problem that occur. They can take many forms and involve any people be it friends, family, lovers or even work colleagues. It's not just the ending of a relationship that can cause upset. Even stable relationships can bring problems between loving and respecting long-term couples.
How We Can Help: Using a combination of therapies including relationship counselling and guidance, EFT and sometimes Reiki we can help you resolve your relationship problems. We can deal with individuals and couples and our impartial but caring third party perspective can identify and help resolve even the most testing of issues.