The Natural Healing Studio
Jane Garner Natural Healing Studio Camberley
Introduction to The Natural Healing Studio
The Natural Healing Studio is a calm, welcoming and safe environment to heal, support or relax the mind, body and spirit. It is situated in Camberley, Surrey and run by Jane Garner; professional therapist, healer and teacher.

The Natural Healing Studio offers effective natural alternatives to drug and mainstream therapy. The softer and more personal caring approach often has more effective results in todays modern hectic world. There is also the facility for training and instruction in Reiki.

Jane Garner: Therapist, Healer and Teacher

Jane’s eclectic professional training combined with her natural abilities offer a unique blend of counselling, coaching, guidance and healing techniques. With 25 years experience of successful practice she provides hope and new possibilities to people looking for something more.
Jane provides a comprehensive combination of therapy to strengthen personal empowerment & transformation. She is a very caring practitioner and a naturally gifted healer plus a qualified professional therapist. Jane offers help, support and comfort to people in any kind of pain, trauma or crisis as well as treating those who are just needing to relax and release normal stress.
All of the therapies she offers are natural. They have a long history of supporting the mind and body and restoring strength and positive health. Jane offers therapies and healing for all kinds of problems including physical illness as well as all emotional and psychological pain.
So many of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual difficulties we experience can be caused by disarray within our genetics, conditionings, expectations and lifestyle. This is not only detrimental to us mentally and emotionally, but also to the immune system and nervous system potentially making us vulnerable to pain and body ailments too. Jane aims to treat all aspects of a person thereby intending to help and support you with all of your concerns. Also scientific research has now actually proven that our mental and emotional state, our thoughts and perceptions, can be at the root cause of ill health. Jane has trained in this field called Psychoneuroimmunology and aims to help you find an awareness to help yourself.
Each therapy is beneficial in it’s own way and it is up to the individual to choose which therapy or combination of therapies they feel most drawn and with which they feel comfortable. You do not have to be ‘ill’ to come but illness can be many things at many levels. Your added benefit is the treatments are mostly pleasant and uplifting as well as being thought provoking and are with intention to create ‘healing’ and positive change.
All the therapies Jane practises in her studio, work in conjunction/combination with orthodox medicine and can compliment and enhance faster recovery of most other treatments whether medical or ‘alternative’.
Counselling, coaching, guidance, EFT and healing can be helpful for ANY kind of symptom, pain or concern.

Qualifications and Experience

Jane realised her natural gift for healing in 1992. She is a fully accredited member of The Healing Trust and a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher approved by the UK Reiki Federation.
A dedicated professional Jane has studied hard to enhance her healing work. She is qualified in Counselling (University of Surrey), Hypnosis and Therapeutic Suggestion (College of Human Potential & United Fellowship of Hypnotherapists), Neuro Linguistic Programming (Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna). She complimented her training with EFT/ The Emotional Freedom Technique (Lionheart Training) and then went on to qualify in Life Coaching (Newcastle College) in 2004.
Jane also studied Life Issues at The Surrey Open College and because of her own life experience, Loss and Bereavement as a specialist subject & trained and worked with NW Surrey CRUSE. She believes loss is often the source of people’s problems whether it is loss through death, separation, home, money, confidence, security, job, dignity, freedom, self-respect, hope etc. She has also specialist training in Relationship Counselling. She knows any of these problems can have a huge negative impact on so much.
Jane studied Inter-dimensional Healing and Psycho-neuro-immunology with Dr Christine Page. This is a scientifically proven mind/body approach, evaluating how our health is determined by our emotional & mental state.
Jane knows that by providing aid in all these areas huge improvements of positive change can occur in mind, body, emotionally & spiritually.
Jane creates a safe and nurturing environment and uses her experience, knowledge, empathy, intuition, sensitivity and accepting attitude in her work of helping people transform all kinds of physical, emotional and mental pain.