The Natural Healing Studio
Jane Garner Natural Healing Studio Camberley

The Therapies We Offer

The Natural Healing Studio offers help, healing and support for a wide range of problems We take a holistic approach which heals and balances the mind, body and spirit together. This approach provides an effective and natural solution to a wide range of challenges.


Excellent for the transformation of the mind and the emotions. These sessions allow you the opportunity to express and evaluate your confidential thoughts and feelings in a safe, caring, empathic, non-judgmental environment. We explore together to help you find clarity & deeper understanding of yourself to gain a more positive perspective, taking in and evaluating the current situation plus past circumstances if relevant.
These sessions can support the enhancement of inner strength, hope, self-confidence and self-belief. They can also enhance personal and spiritual development.


This is committing to your success and development and is aimed to help you improve the quality of your life. Coaching & mentoring helps you to identify your needs and connect you to your strong self. Philosophy can also help you open to creative new ideas and help with greater understanding of psychological aspects.


Jane has the ability to see symbols and images which are spontaneously given and aid deeper understanding and illumination to what is happening within you and around you. This support may also provide guidance as to what could be helpful in order to create positive action, growth, development and self belief.


Investigative exploration of your thoughts, feelings and perceptions which may be at the root cause of the disharmony and/or presenting problem or illness.


If you suffer with PTSS, C-PTSS, have experienced trauma, abuse, anxiety, feel guilt, anger, resentment, hate, sadness etc. either now or following or beyond a difficult time of events in your life, this treatment can be incredibly helpful. Jane has adapted the Emotional Freedom Technique to her own method of treatment by incorporating it with her extensive experience and understanding of therapeutic practice. Sessions offer a very real opportunity for beneficial therapeutic change.


Jane is a gifted natural healer plus a Reiki Master Teacher. Healing and Reiki can be very beneficial for any kind of pain or problem whether physical, psychological or emotional. Healing is known to ease stress, trauma, depression, physical pain and all forms of discomfort. A session would usually be a therapeutic, relaxing and calming experience. Healing and Reiki is highly recommended for all.


Are you interested in learning Reiki? This is a fantastic natural self-healing method and is suitable for both self-healing and also for healing on others, should you wish to do so.
The Natural Healing Studio offers Reiki training to levels 1, 2, plus Reiki Master Practitioner and ultimately Reiki Master Teacher if desired long term.


This is a technical approach to altering negative thoughts and perceptions to a positive perspective.


Hypnotherapy is the use of the state of heightened awareness combined with ‘creative’ and positive therapeutic suggestion. Hypnotherapy can help to resolve many problems of a psychological and emotional nature and can be a powerful tool to help alleviate worries, stress, tension, anxiety and related problems. Sessions can work to strengthen confidence and self-belief and reduce concerns and fear of events past and future, thus enabling you to feel happier and more able to enjoy life.


If you are struggling to find direction in life, work out your life purpose or just need a little guldance in making the next step then the Natural Healing Studio can help.


These sessions take an in-depth look at problems with communication and connection with others. They allow for honesty and greater understanding of self and appreciation of another. Alternatively, they assist with disconnection and help is given to reduce pain, hurt, and any bad feelings. Aid is given for comfort, confidence and strength.


These sessions can combine any of the therapies and are structured to suit your unique needs on the day. The aim will be to help you regain strength and deal with the challenges being presented.